Abundant Pure Energy for Life

Education, Science, Technology and above all understanding makes the difference, this site gives a comprehensive list of sustainable, clean energy sources that are currently available in many countries. ''The Logical Choice''.

The future in the making, my name is Leon, my website site is all about being Healthy, Wealthy and much Wiser on the subject of what we refer to in these modern times as ''Energy'' where ever you are living in the world I believe you will find the answers to all of your energy needs or at least an answer to solving some of your energy problems and waste producing problems. We can develop our future intellectual pursuits by understanding the research and works created by the notable thinkers of the past, Their hard work and achievements create a solid foundation of proven research, so with that in mind, I hope to inspire you to do further research on the various technologies. I shall be adding to my web  site quite frequently to convey to you all of the developments and explanations of the various technologies that create clean sustainable energy. That are economically viable and protect the natural Eco systems, creating an abundance.

Bio energy fuel crops and food crops: The Photo Gallery, Videos and the Links are very educational to study.

Sun flowers, Soya beans, Rapessed, Jatropha, Mahua, Genetically modified Tobacco leaves, Palm oil, Hemp, Pongamia pinnata, Swichgrass, Sugar beet, Sugar cane, Cassava root, Sorghum, Mustard, Trees, Wheat and Micro Algae are just some of the crops grown to produce Bio energy fuels.

Earth, Air, Fire and  Water, where would we be with out them, in the dark you might say, from the very beginnings man has been very creative and ingenious, our history has clearly shown us this. The need for sustenance, food and all of the comforts that are very necessary for all of us to live in peace, this has brought us to where we are today in our development of technology, in what we now refer to as these modern times. Let us be very clear in our intentions for our futures plans, education and technology is for all people around the world so that they may have the opportunity to improve their own lives equally to those who have achieved so much over the years, those who do not have this wisdom and opportunity are being treated with a great injustice, ignorance is a form of slavery I think. The very cause of so many problems in the world. I think it is so very wrong that incorrect or inefficient or potentially harmful methods of producing energy are forced on countries by inexperienced governments because of what they consider to be economical and there for forced upon its people by those who have not researched the long term effects that incorrect methods have on their economies and also the environments of these countries.

On this website I intend to enlighten you to as much information and knowledge as I can possibly gather and explain to you about clean energy, and to show you how abundant it really is in every country, for the benefit of mankind, and our planet earth on which we all live and share and depend on for our very existence. This fact we so often take for granted and give very little thought to as we work away in our own busy lives. Well all energy is free if you have the knowledge and resources to harness it and the ability to take full advantage of it. If not then your going to have to pay someone for that necessity or for the technology to be able to harness or create it for yourself, So what works best for you. Energy is neither created or destroyed it just changes its form, depending on how it is controlled, The law of conservation of energy. Our efforts should always be made towards the pursuit of Safe Clean Energy, in that way there is nothing to destroy humanity and the world, in the short or long term. And peace of mind and stability is very necessary for world peace and a healthy productive way of living for everyone in all countries.  

I shall try to give to you the reader as many positive solutions, to as many negative situations due to negative management of various energy sources, without using scare mongering tactics to make my point of view known. How clean energy is made and how we can all benefit from it and in doing so, we will all become much healthier, wealthier and incredibly wiser and that can't be bad, at the same time we all make our world a much easier peaceful place to live in, for everyone and for all life on it, this is the way it should always be, if you think about it, and more to the point there is no reason what so ever why it can not be this way. In fact it is easier and less expensive to do things correctly the first time and think long term solutions than to endure getting it wrong and having to redo it all over again.

I shall clearly prove to you, beyond any reasonable doubts with full confidence why it is both economically necessary and very profitable to do so for the good of everyone and I do mean everyone and not forgetting about the improvement of all life on this earth that also means the environment in which we live.

The way in which we all think and act today, knowing the condition that the world is in and what history has shown us will help us to determine all of our futures, and our countries futures and all life on earth, This is obvious you might say but not so obvious to so many people, that is why things go wrong. knowledge is no weight to carry, so carry as much of it as you possibly can we all benefit from shared knowledge so share it with as many people as you can. shared education and knowledge creates a peaceful world, people who have a vast education can not only help themselves but others also and we can all do with as much peace in this world as is possible to allow us to concentrate on improving our own lives with out distress.

Every creative step forward in life was thought of by a person trying to find the easiest, most efficient, economical way to achieve their goal. So with that in mind I shall endeavor to explain to you my findings on my subject of     '' Abundant pure Energy for Life.''

All of the examples I shall give and discuss are currently in existence, fully operational and have been proven to work for many years and in many countries are in everyday use making very large profits which in turn creates millions of sustainable jobs as well as sustainable clean Energy and that is good for the entire world.  

Well I am sure at this stage you have heard of the effects on the environments around the world due to Climate change, Global warming, Green house gases, Carbon dioxide/Co2 emissions, Depletion of the Ozone layer, Air pollution and water pollution and contamination, and have been excessively bombarded by the media and news information and reports of all that harrowing dooms day information, Oh and not to forget ''Nuclear power reactors/ and nuclear weapons'' and the radioactive toxic waste that no one has thought of how to safely dispose of for the long term and all of that disastrous mess that will come back to destroy future generations, what are those people who make this stuff doing to us all? to the world? to themselves, the mind boggles? What are they thinking of really? Nuclear fallout and radioactive toxic waste destroys everyone! It would be safe to say that building or creating a situation or product that is potentially destructive to all life on earth, either in the short or long term is clearly an insane careless, self destructive and selfish decision to agree with or to approve of given the current level of technology that is readily available in all developed countries. Clearly huge monetary profits motivate these people who create this type of product, nuclear fuel and weapons are a display of extreme fear and paranoia to the world, that the people who poses this can destroy themselves as well as everyone else. It is not power in the true meaning of the word. Power is the ability to cherish and protect all life on earth with out any weapons, and many people do just that everyday of their lives all over the world and live in countries where there are no nuclear reactors or weapons because they know that there is no need for them. The nuclear power stations that produce electricity or power machines and ships use it as a heat source to create steam to turn turbines, it is a primitive and outdated, obsolete form of energy. This system of generating heat as a fuel source is gambling with all of our lives, our world environments and our futures. There is no other way to say this fact! What effects on our atmosphere the world environments, the ecological systems and our health has the testing all of these types of toxic weapons had over so many years given the number of tests that have been done?   

''Education, Science, Technology and above all understanding makes the difference, for all to create Peace''.

Evil prevails when good people, do absolutely nothing to stop it, and you can not prevent it with more acts of evil. The world has had enough examples in history for us to see and understand this clearly. Wars and conflicts are the results of people failing to communicate with respect and dignity for one another. Wars draw their energy from hatred and ignorance, and last until all those with hatred are gone or exhausted from fighting, leaving only the greatest truth to remember, how disgusting and inhumane some people can be, this devastating situation should be a thing of the past. All efforts must be made to strive for peace always, I think the biggest weapon of mass destruction in the world is the human mind, when it focuses on hatred or when economic sanctions cause sever poverty in countries to inflict unimaginable suffering and when peaceful solutions are not sought after, in order to solve any disagreements. How many people must perish and suffer unnecessarily before the warmongers in the world realize this, the world has more than enough resources, but there are not enough peacemakers, and people with the ability to understand and organize the prosperous developments needed. Communication with respect and dignity to all people is what is needed. Education is what is needed, with the necessary skills to protect all life, people have the same basic needs, everywhere in the world. An over all vision or plan of the way we would like the future to be, must be recognized, and the ability to accept the complex diversities that exists with in the human race, so that all people can strive for a high quality and standard of living and this will keep everyone busy  working to build a better future. Again I emphasize that education, science and technology be made easily available to everyone, equality for all people, so that they may have the ability to help themselves to improve their lives. We are all part of a global community that is for ever connected, in economic terms it is in every one's interest through out the world to do so, the only answer is to ''peacefully WORK it out for the future.'' There is abundant time for this realization to come about but unfortunately some people learn very slowly and at great cost and loss, despite all of the lessons that life has shown us all, far too many times before. ''Protect all life.''

Competition promotes the humanity and unites people in their countries with common goals and ambitions,it removes all communication barriers and misconceptions some times formed between the different cultures, at the same time joining the ambitions of all people while educating simultaneously. Being competitive, creating competitiveness in all of the different areas of life, it generates economical opportunities, all of the different Sports, the Arts, in fact every area of life can most definitely improve in a positive way with the introduction of national and international competitiveness. Challenging and competitive people can strive to bring to the forefront excellence in every field of study. Every person can find and develop their special gift and express it through competition and recognition, already proven in history to promote unity and peace throughout the nations of the world. The human energy within everyone needs competition and the support of the people to flourish positively. Installing sustainable clean energy world wide is a challenge in it's self. Which country will lead the way and set the standards, to be the country free from environmental pollution. 






            Nuclear  Disarmament :

Heavy rain fall in so many countries around the world, extreme flooding, rising sea levels, Tropical storms, Hurricanes, Typhoons, also extreme cold and snow blizzards or drought causes devastation and loss of life, this is clear evidence of extreme weather changes, what is the real cause of these extreme conditions, well I prefer that you find the answers to that yourself and make your own mind up, than to hear my opinion, what I will say is, listen to the weather stations in your country always, be prepared for the worst weather conditions and stay informed as to what is going on, this saves lives so be ready always.     

The extreme weather conditions being experienced in so many countries will be here for some time. Take a look at the videos on my site, they are very informative. There must be serious planning and preparation for the future, all of the necessary resources that are needed to make things better are readily available, united as a global community, working together, with one objective, to change everything for the good of mankind and the World that we live in and depend on for our very existence. Economic greed, delusions of control and power, are in fact the causes, of all of the negative effects the world is experiencing, Recession or world economic sanctions.

The natural world, the ecological systems, all life, is priceless and so much of it is irreplaceable, there is so much work to do, to improve everything, in every country, so much food crops to cultivate, homes to build, people to educate and so on, to say that there are no jobs for people to do is the greatest insult an educated person could say. The world is the market place and everyone can and should be able to prosper with out any economic hindrance. The economic system currently in place seems to be clearly failing to work for the good of everyone, when so many countries are so financially in debt and there for the people in these countries must endure unnecessary difficulties, because of the incompetence of a seriously flawed system and how it is aloud to function in this way, this system is shown to be financially destroying the prospects of any long term economic growth or  stability.

How can this situation be turned around, well it is not so difficult, there is a problem with liquidity or flow of money and it appears to be a global situation, what are the factors that are causing this on going economic farce, well the causes must be identified, that is something every country must face up to first of all, then simply stop over spending or squandering the working capital and invest wisely, in businesses that can give solid, stable, reliable and guaranteed economic return, a guaranteed return for the money invested. People are suppose to be able to move forward in prosperity not be hindered by economic restraints that seriously hinders all economic improvements that has world wide negative effects. The basic needs of the people remain the same world wide, and will always remain this way. There are estimated to be around 6800,000,000 people in the world, who all have the same basic needs. We are able to communicate perfectly with people anywhere in the world with in seconds, so what is responsible for creating the economic tragedies world wide, is it the profit margin on a balance sheet, that creates these economic sanctions, that dictates the quality of life or destroys life, depending on what ever the situation may be in each country, or a need to control people or countries by economic means.

The world has more than enough resources so that every person can have the very best quality of life in every country. Assessing the situation, identify the problems and setting objectives and with trust worthy expertise, planning, organization, delegation and action, working to improve each negative situation. With the current high level of education and experience available world wide, there really is no excuse for any economic failures. Success is all about mathematical calculations, it is that simple. All people deserve and can have the very best quality of life in every country, with out destroying the natural world or it will eventually destroy everything living.        

Nuclear radioactive waste, Excessive amounts of carbon dioxide and other air contaminants and pollution, Ocean acidification, Water pollution, Deforestation, Soil erosion, Extinction of flora and fauna and the natural ecosystems, The economic excuses used to maintain this on going destruction of ''Our planet and the quality of our lives''  causes extreme poverty in all countries, some much worse than others and that creates so many long term, severe problems, it is as if people are restricted from improving this situation because of the economic controls that restrains the entire world to this negative situation.

Clearly a new way of thinking is needed by everyone to turn this devastating situation into a positive situation. Complaining about all of this is not an option. A comprehensive study and assessment, organisation and action to improve all of this is what is needed, and in doing so will create a prosperous, healthier and sustainable future for all people. Significantly improving the quality of every one's lives and the natural world that we depend on.

Managing and promoting an abundance of resources must be realised, rather than deliberately restricting, sanctioning, squandering or wasting resources that are available in order to maintain false economic controls that end up being severely destructive in the long term and that is also morally wrong, especially when so many need the opportunity to be able to improve their lives. There is more than enough resources when logical assessment and organisation is put into effect. The economic system should promote the quality of life for all with out any negative impact.                                               

What I mean to explain, to be quite clear about the toxic energy sources, Is this, it is very easy to replace these types of destructive energy sources with perfectly environmentally clean substitutes with little disruption to conventional methods that are in everyday use, this in turn produces business, and it is easier to clean up our countries waste problems and turn them into commercially advantageous business ventures, doing so while maintaining a sustainable future for everyone with perfectly clean, abundant energy sources, Does that put your mind at rest to know that it is already in our hands all of this technology, we just have to organize the change and the sooner we do this the quicker we see improvements in the enthusiasm of the people around the world. Every country has it's own natural clean energy resources, given its geographical position in the world, Wind, Sun, and Water, the climate and the arable land area in every country must be evaluated to recognize the most suitable efficient power sources of clean sustainable energy that can be produced. Positive actions create, positive results.

Then fully understanding the vast choices of Technologies that are available for producing clean energy and probably the most important thing is, to be able to combine the various technologies to work efficiently to suit the needs of each country so that it can be self sufficient and sustainable for the future.  

These technologies are not a mystery and it does not have to be invented or tested for many years because it has already been proven, its reliability and it already exists in many countries, This I shall show in the following paragraphs when I explain the different Clean energy sources. The costs are much less to achieve a clean efficient working practices so wake up to reality I say out loud to the governments of the world, and get your act together or re-educate your selves how easy it is to make the obvious changes necessary to improve the worlds environmental and economic situation, there is so much waste produced in countries with struggling economies as there is in developed countries, also to mention water contamination and pollution. All of these negative situations are easily corrected and turned into viable money making businesses. The waste materials produced contains huge quantities of oil and gas and metals, and that means huge amounts of money for the people there if given the opportunity to process and recycle the waste into oil and gas, when I see the people standing on the waste land fill areas, I think of all the money that is under their feet. we have the technology so use it maybe the organizations that work to help these countries improve could research this potential business, that not only generates huge amounts of money but also cleans the environment in those areas.

Think about all of the positive benefits, for the people of the world the jobs it creates, it is more economical for the people and the money it saves each country in the short and long term, no risks to humanity, improving the  lives of the people in each country forever it is so obvious that all life on earth can benefit from the clean up of the toxic environmental mess that presently exists. Probably the most significant changes would be the quality of the air we all breath, the purity of the rain water that gives life to all the crops and plant life that we eat and the purity of the drinking water, I would question how many illnesses are attributed to air and water pollution over a long period of time, weakening our immune systems. Our good health is the most important thing to protect and maintain.

Nature can restore the earths harmonious balance once again if given the opportunity. We can plant new trees and replace all that was ever lost and more, seeds are always plentiful and the cost and effort needed is minimal, I am presently waiting for my orange seeds to grow that I collected from the juiciest oranges I ever tasted. I use rain water that I collect in a small tub to keep them watered and I am thinking of what else I would like to grow from seeds that I could then eat. The trees that are gone were cut down one by one, so they can be replaced in the same way the desire to do so is the most important ingredient. We can clean the water ways, stock the lakes and rivers with fish and protect and encourage the wild life in every country to multiply allowing the balance of nature to reach a state of abundance as it was once before. The ''Link'' on my site gives essential life saving knowledge and education about the Rain forests, it is very important and informative, regarding Climate change and the future of our planet.

Nature has taken an obvious down turn because of the overwhelming demands that the human population has put on it over so many years. Thinking selfishly of the commercial value that these natural resources provide with out any real significant efforts being made to counter balance these demands that we all make and take for granted on these natural resources. Everyone of us are the Guardians of our planet Earth and it is our responsibility to take pride in this, education and the way that we all carry out our duties determines how prosperous we all become for our futures, understanding this fact is what is so important. World hunger, starvation and poverty, is the True Measure of our failure to recognize and face up to our responsibilities as a global community, given the level of education and technologies we now have in the world today, Mans inhumanity to man. Is there water on the Moon or on any other planet for that matter, I think we really need to concern ourselves with finding clean sustainable water for so many on Earth first! I don't plan on living in Outer space for a while. Science and technology is important but it must be applied to benefit the needs of everyone I think and it is human to help those who are in need of education and even basic technology first.

In the following paragraphs I shall give examples and explanations of how the different sources of clean energy can be used and where they can replace all toxic energy sources and fuels that produce carbon dioxide, with superior efficacy and complete pure clean energy, and how present toxic producing fuels or sources of energy can be used for other none environmentally destructive methods. I shall start with the subject of producing clean energy from waste products and give the obvious advantages for choosing these processes.  

One person's waste products or disregarded rubbish is another person's treasure, how true this is, it can also destroy all living things and does in to many situations in countries when no responsible structure is in effect, going back to the scientific saying, Energy is neither created or destroyed, it merely changes its form depending on how it is controlled. In other words energy is in everything, the clever thing is to know how to recognize it and obtain it, and to be able to control it so that we can benefit from it with out any negative effects on our lives and the environment. All waste product, sewage and rubbish is really valuable raw material that needs to be processed, efficiently for the economical and environmental sustainable benefit of each country.

How to deal with all of our Waste products, Domestic waste, Sewage, Agricultural waste, Clinical, Hazardous waste and Water contamination, in a clean and profitable, sustainable way: Waste to energy processes, Thermal Depolymerization,Incineration,Gasification,Plasma arc gasification,Pyrolysis and Anaerobic digestion.

Having the knowledge and expertise to do something positive to financially profit from this resource is the key to a clean sustainable future. This is already a successful situation in so many developed countries, yet so much more needs to be achieved to be completely efficient. There are two objectives, first of all to clean the environment and the second reason that makes it all worth doing is that it is extremely profitable to do so. 

If you think about it for a moment, there is an estimated seven billion people in the world, that is a huge amount of domestic waste and sewage to process from people alone that can contaminate our water resources and our environment and the ecological systems, but it is also a huge amount of potential profit for business who can process and turn this waste that is raw material into clean sustainable and usable product and clean energy, This is allot of money, business and jobs so there really is no excuse for sitting around complaining about world economies when there really is so much to do to improve every one's situation around the world.

I think the technology that deals with recycling and processing of waste products is completely underestimated for the financial benefits that it has for every country around the world. What I mean is not enough is being  done to take advantage of the energy that is contained in waste products although it clearly is an area where development is improving very slowly.

In the following paragraphs I shall discuss the processes and technologies that are available and that have been proven to be financially successful both economically and environmentally and those that I think very highly of. I shall give my reasons why I think this way about them.

Thermal Depolymerization Process: This is extracting gas, oil and carbon char from all waste and rubbish.

As I have already said earlier we all have waste products and rubbish to disregard it is a necessity, part of normal living. so when you think of where it goes think about all of the land fill sites(Dumps), garbage, rubbish, domestic waste, commercial waste, food and animal waste products that have been just buried and dumped in the ground in giant holes in huge volumes and covered over with soil over many years, just rotting and decomposing, creating in so many situations toxic gases and contaminated sludge and water seepage into streams and rivers and inevitably the drinking water resources. there is great concern needed to think about this type of pollution, the long term effects of contamination on the over all environments and ecological systems and surroundings areas, and the health hazards to human and wild life, living near these locations or being in any type of contact with these endless tons of contamination.

We all have a vital responsibility to realize how important it is to be aware of what happens to our waste products, it really is something that should be taught from an early age as part of growing up, pride for where we live and the way in which we live. There was a time when most people never gave it a moments thought as to what happens to their rubbish as long as it was taken away. Many years of study of the effects to the environment and health, in this area of waste disposal has shown the obvious need to find a practical way to dispose of the waste products. There are so many factors to think of, the financial benefits of recycling as much of the products that are really reusable raw material but sadly in so many countries they have not progressed to find practical answers to this environmental problem. 

So I am very happy to give this process of Thermal Depolymerization, a great thumbs up, a great vote of approval oh yes go for it. first of all recycle all of the metal waste products and anything else you can recycle like paper,glass or any other material that has reached a reusable stage of evolution, then leave the rest for this process. So what is it you may ask, well I shall give a simple explanation, it is a relatively simple process, of course everything sounds complicated until you spend time studying it, then it becomes second nature to you. So in this process the waste products and plastics are first of all collected then chopped up by a big machine into little pieces, that's not to difficult to do with most waste products with modern engineering methods, then the small pieces are put into a big pot, a pressure vessel where water is added and then it is heated up to 250 degrees Celsius and pressure cooked for 15 minutes or so depending on what kind of waste you are processing where it reaches pressures up to 600 psi (pounds per square inch), then the molecules that make up the waste starts to separate into gas and liquids, this is known simply as thermal decomposition, Temperature,volume and pressure being the many contributors to this process.

The gas and liquid vapors are then collected and aloud to cool and condense and settle in another large container, the gas goes to the top where it is removed to power the process in the way of a heat source it can also be used to generate electricity. the oil is left floating on top of the water where it is collected, the oil can power a diesel engine straight from this process, and the water is used again, the carbon char is left at the bottom where it is also collected. Of course it is allot more complicated than this but this is the main workings of this simple system, all the produce is of course filtered and controlled so no toxic produce enters the environment or atmosphere ever. The volumes of oil and gas make this a very viable and profitable process. This is definitely worth looking into for any country, it deals with practically all the problems associated with waste disposal efficiently and economically. Proven to work in many countries, but not nearly enough. this is one way many countries can create money from their waste land fill sites and clean their countries environments. Isn't technology great! How many gallons of oil and volumes of gas is there waiting to be processed in the waste products in your country.

Sewage Treatment and Natural Gas Production: Clean water produced by growing special plants(Hyacinth,Duckweed) in sewage/ Animal slurry and Methane gas produced from harvesting and processing the plant material using a process of biological decomposition in huge Anaerobic Digesters, Biomass gasification,Dry fermentation processes, Micro biological treatment of waste water.

Bio Fuels: Oils and combustible fuels derived from various types of plant life and various types of organic matter depending on the type of bio fuel being made.

Extracting Carbon Dioxide from industrial exhaust flue emissions and Producing Bio Fuel, Oil and Ethanol:

Well at this stage in all of the developed countries, we are very aware of the levels of carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere from the various industrial infrastructures and electricity generating stations and those factories that use fossil fuels to power their industries. If the percentage levels of pollution emitted into the atmosphere are above zero, it is an unacceptable level. The science and technology already exists to rectify this situation so there are no excuses, except total disregard for the quality of the air we breath and for the environment, climate change and the effects of pollution on the planet.

One of the most important things to remember about ''Energy'' is that it is in everything, we just have to understand what kind of energy it is and how to harness it to our benefit in a clean and profitable, none polluting way. Carbon dioxide is absorbed to make sugars an energy source for Plant life and Algae growth, so with that in mind I shall explain how the carbon dioxide  produced by industry can be turned into clean energy, that is ''Bio fuel'', Oil and Ethanol.

By separating the larger smoke particles first of all from the exhaust out let then directing the Co2 exhaust gases from the flue and dispersing it into large ponds of sea water where Micro Algae that has been collected from the sea, can be grown all year round in the specially built sea water ponds. The Micro Algae uses the high levels of Co2 during Photosynthesis to grow rapidly and cleans the water at a rate ten times faster than it grows in the ocean or out at sea. It produces thirty times more oil per hectare than traditional plant crops used for bio fuels. The common Algae called Nannochloropsis and an unusual strain called Skelelonema have been found to be most favorable for this purpose. This system uses the carbon dioxide as a feed for the Algae and the Algae is then harvested to produce clean Bio fuel, Oil and Ethanol. The emissions of Co2 are greatly reduced entering the atmosphere and a clean sustainable Bio fuel can be produced all year round, it is good for the atmosphere, controlling the level of green house gases being emitted and makes a great viable business in the process. The quantities of Bio Oil and the possibilities are endless with the amounts of Co2 being produced in each country.

An idea would be to section off a coastal area with a wall or barrier and create a lagoon that would be suitable to grow and cultivate the Micro Algae in, or to use specially built grow tanks or floating tanks like floating green houses, out off shore where the Co2 could be piped or brought to, and used to cultivate the Micro Algae to produce huge quantities of Bio Oil and Ethanol all year round. ''A huge Micro Algae farm''. It could be powered by wind and solar power or built near a Co2 producing infrastructure.

Specially built ponds containing contaminated waste water and sewage high in nutrient and minerals, where the plant ''Duck weed'' could be grown, could also be used for the purpose of absorbing Co2 to grow the plants to clean the water and then be harvested as a crop to produce natural gas in anaerobic digester tanks. 


Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen combined to produce, Methane gas:

The Carbon dioxide being produced from the burning of fossil fuels in industrial use can be collected and stored, then mixed with Hydrogen that can be produced from the electrolysis of water to produce, ''Methane gas''.

It is clear to see that this method creates a much cleaner more efficient energy source, and makes the carbon dioxide that is being produced by so many industries a valuable resource or raw material taking into account the huge volumes being produced and that is available. This process reduces the need to use fossil fuels taken from the earth, and uses the carbon dioxide already available.

Another method would be to remove the carbon dioxide from the Air that already exists and mix it with Hydrogen, produced from water to produce Methane, this can also be utilized as a much cleaner fuel source for Industry and transportation. High levels of Carbon dioxide already exist in the atmosphere so it is abundant and so is the Hydrogen when produced from water.

The combusted gases produce, carbon dioxide and water, so the cycle of production of this energy source can be easily renewed and is sustainable, it is also a much safer gas to manage and use.  

Wind Turbines: Generating electricity from the wind.

Wind turbines, they can pay for them selves, that is the cost of making and en staling them, in three months, with the electricity that they produce, and can also be used not only to produce electricity but can produce Hydrogen gas through electrolysis of water. The cleanest source of energy known to man !

Solar Panels: Generating electricity from the sun light, Solar Photovoltaic and Hot water from the heat radiation of the sun, Thermodynamic Solar energy, Solar collectors using evacuated tube technology.

Solar panels produce electricity, and can also be used to produce Hydrogen gas by electrolysis of water.

Water Purification: Distillation, Ultraviolet light, Reverse Osmosis,Filtration and using special plants grown in the contaminated water, Micro biological treatment.

Biomass Gasification and Plasma Arc Gasification: Extracting Oil and Gas from wood and other biomass.

Ocean Wave Electricity Generators: Generating electricity from the ocean waves and currents.

Three locations worth looking at are, Portugal, Scotland and northern Ireland for ocean wave electricity generators. I have my favorite choice of ocean wave generator I shall talk about this later on.

Energy by Motion and Motion 2 Energy chargers: Permanent magnets used to charge batteries with human motion or other motion or movement.

Electrolyzers to produce Hydrogen Gas and Oxygen from water by electrolysis and HHO Production: Producing Hydrogen gas from water using a low voltage, electrical current.

This is probably the most significant energy source ever! on the planet and I shall need some time to explain what I want to say about this subject of Hydrogen production. well until I have more time to discuss it completely. Here is some of what I like about it,

The Sun gets it's heat from Hydrogen gas... that is Hot! ok, the Earth is covered by water mostly. Hydrogen gas can easily be made from water with a very low voltage a process called electrolysis, I am not talking about HHO gas production which has its uses and they are very important, that is Hydrogen gas and Oxygen gas mixture combined also known as Browns gas. What I am talking about is Hydrogen gas made on it's own, just pure hydrogen gas from electrolysis of water.

The Hydrogen gas burns very hot on it's own when mixed with oxygen, but when the Hydrogen gas is burnt using a torch or jet mixed with oxygen and is controlled and the heat from it  is focused continuously on any material, that is, metals, stone, you name it , in seconds that material no matter what kind of material it is will reach the melting point of that particular material, it works at a molecular level, this is how this Hydrogen gas when burnt or combusted reacts with the material, that it comes into contact with. This is a very high temperature for some materials. An extremely high controlled temperature can be reached with a chosen material like a composite ceramic or tungsten metal heat rod designed for this purpose, and a perfectly clean extreme heat source is produced, heat energy at high temperatures can be made and controlled to create steam for a very low cost. Hydrogen when burnt in oxygen produces pure water! No pollution or contamination.

Clean powerful abundant, pure, sustainable energy!

Nuclear reactors generate the heat, to heat the water, that creates steam from water, that turns or powers turbines that are used to power generators to produce electricity. The waste from the reactor is radioactive fission product, toxic and deadly and stays this way for years and years and is just stored and hidden away in special containers, some are then covered in concrete containers. This material should never be allowed to be made and those people that do make it, do so with no consideration for life on earth. Would they like to come into contact with this toxic waste material ever I think not. It is highly radioactive, hazardous and toxic and there is no justification for creating such a product.

Hydrogen gas can easily replace, Nuclear reactors, this heat source. There is abundant water on Earth, so there for there is abundant Hydrogen gas, made easily, clean and pure with no negative impact what so ever on the atmosphere or the environment only to produce, pure water and electricity for all people, in all countries around the world.

So with that in mind, There is no need what so ever for'' Nuclear reactors'' and their toxic, radioactive waste. none  what so ever!

Pure Hydrogen gas used to generate huge amounts of heat to produce abundant electricity in all countries around the world.'' Abundant Pure Energy for Life''.

Hydrogen gas can also be used to power a gas turbine, or the Hydrogen gas can be used with other gases or fossil fuels to greatly improve combustion and there for improve energy out put and fuel consumption and create cleaner flue exhaust emissions, in industrial infrastructures. 

After burners could be fitted in flue exhaust out lets for industrial application where fossil fuels are used, powered by Hydrogen gas, that is produced from water in electrolyzers to further com bust the waste gases and there fore clean exhaust emissions before it enters the atmosphere. Thus creating less pollution at a very low cost.

Hydrogen Gas powered Engines in Vehicles: Cars that use Hydrogen gas as a fuel source for an internal combustion engine and Hydrogen fuel cells and proton exchange membrane fuel cells as an electric power source to power an electric motor.

Clean pure abundant sustainable energy Hydrogen gas.

Permanent Magnet Motors and Generators: Motors and generators that are self powered by permanent magnets or electromagnets that also generates electricity simultaneously, Vehicles, cars and motor cycles are also powered by them. 

Hungary, U.S.A and Australia, have electricity generators powered entirely by permanent magnet motors. They are the lowest cost for the production of electricity. 

Compressed Air Vehicles: Cars that run on compressed air.

Cars can travel 1000km on 3 to 4 $ of electricity. are they in your country yet if not why not? no pollution. Many countries around the world make them and sell them.

Electric Vehicles: Cars that run on electricity,mopeds and bicycles.

There are so many to chose from, sports cars to commercial trucks, are they in your country yet? no pollution.

Cavitation Heat Pumps or Hydrosonic pumps: Producing hot water by creating variable pressures in the water molecules by mechanical process.

In energy terms, this type of pump will produce, Very hot water made for a very low cost, cavitation pumps. They are also used to mix liquids and organic matter or produce, to make various types of bio fuel sources and in the food industry, and would be a very clean efficient way to heat homes and all buildings. They are also used in the food and chemical industries to heat and mix or blend liquids together to a high molecular standard of consistency.

Wood Pellets Stoves: Producing heat and hot water for domestic use.

Using recycled wood, turned into saw dust then compressed into wood pellets as a fuel, giving high, efficient clean burning. 

Blue Energy: Producing electricity from the salinity gradient, energy derived from mixing salt water and fresh water, that creates positive and negative charged ions.

Hydro chargers and HHO production kits:

These produce Hydrogen and Oxygen from the electrolysis of water, they can be fitted on vehicles and the gases are introduced into the combustion engine at the air intake manifold to greatly improve fuel combustion and there for the engine has more power and improved fuel consumption and emits cleaner exhaust emissions when using fossil fuels.

CNG, Compressed Natural Gas and LNG, Liquid Natural Gas, used as fuel to power, large commercial vehicles, buses, Taxis, etc.

Pumped- Storage Hydro electricity: Combining wind turbines and hydro powered generators used to create a sustainable continuous supply of clean produced electricity.

Wind powered turbines generate electricity, at, on and off peak use, to pump water from lower elevation reservoir to the higher elevation reservoir to maintain volume of water, then with gravity the water passes down through the hydro turbine to generate electricity, producing a continuous supply of clean and sustainable electricity. 

Water pumps powered by the ocean waves can also be used to fill and maintain the volume of water in the higher elevation reservoir.

Long life, electrochemical batteries: none rechargeable, Ionic liquid and Flat metalized silicon wafers that serve as the anode:

These batteries have a very long shelf life and are ready to use, using an ionic fluid and silicon as the fuel that reverts to sand when used, none corrosive with no evaporation, extremely light weight, they can be used for many applications and can be made to any size as required.

Light-emitting diodes:

Light-emitting diodes with specially designed reflectors and lenses can produce most lighting applications from high intensity, spot or beam to soft lighting and can produce the full color spectrum. They use 80% to 90% less electricity energy compared to conventional lighting systems and last between eight and seventeen years continuous use depending on the application. They are widely used in many countries replacing much of the lighting needs, very impressive.